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Skip to job results. Skip to refine results. Relevance Newest first. View details. Postdoc position in behavioral neuroscience in a dopamine lab using mouse models, patch-clamp and optical methods in awake-behaving animals. A fully-funded postdoctoral position to investigate V4-PFC interactions in the awake primate at the University of Washington in Seattle. Skip to job results Skip to refine results.

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Recognizing the importance of qualified human resources for social advancement and sustainable development, the IsDB has been addressing human resources development in member countries alongside its development financing activities. These Scholarship programmes are important part of the developmental initiatives led by IsDB to foster technology and knowledge sharing among its member countries and Muslim communities in non-member countries.

They are designed to attract talented male and female students and build the right competencies required to empower communities and achieving national and global development plans including the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. To combine academic rigours with cost saving, the IsDB has pursued a partnership programme with selected reputable universities worldwide, under which the hosting universities will play an important role to provide the students with the necessary services, mentoring, guidance and counselling to ensure their academic success.

Through these strategic partnerships, the IsDB also wishes its graduates to be ready to dedicate themselves to their communities and countries.

Resources available to postdoctoral scholars who are appointed through the harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking).

Adrian Oliver Department of Biomedical Engineering. She has made great progress in the area of engineering new technologies for gene therapy that are certain to be of value for the field, and has brought recognition to Duke through her work in multiple ways. This work is now in press at Nature Biotechnology. She has mentored two undergraduates, both of whom are co-authors on her Nature Biotechnology paper. They were both so inspired by their experience with Adrian that they chose to go to PhD programs in biomedical research.

Adrian is on a perfect path to establishing an impactful independent research program in gene and cell therapy, and has the ideal skill set to do so. She is one of the most driven, energetic and passionate scientists I have ever met. She is constantly thinking of new experiments and encouraging me to come up with my own ideas. She truly loves the research that she does, and her excitement about new ideas and projects is palpable; it makes me excited to come to work every day.

I am so grateful to work alongside her. She took it on herself to teach me all the fundamental skills I needed to get my project started. She also was key in the intellectual planning of my project, spending multiple hours to help me think through each and every detail.

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow – The Department of Communications and New Media

Sexual or romantic relationships may raise concerns of conflict of interest, abuse of authority, favoritism, and unfair treatment when both people are in the MIT work or academic environment, and one person holds a position of power or authority over the other. These relationships may also affect others in the work or academic environment, undermining the integrity of their supervision and evaluation as well.

These concerns exist even when the relationship is considered consensual by both individuals. In some instances, consent may not be as freely given as the more senior person in the relationship believes. Because of the possible adverse effects on the other party and on their fellow students, co-workers, colleagues, and others, the Institute prohibits all faculty, other academic instructional staff, other employees, and other non-student members of the MIT community paid or unpaid from having sexual or romantic relationships with certain MIT students and employees, whether or not the relationship is consensual.

A summary of this policy is as follows, with more detail in the noted sections:.

Closing date: 20 Aug ; Australia | The University of Queensland and to supervize undergraduate and postgraduate research students.

Since paper copies of these documents are no longer routed through the Provost Office, please scan and attached approved copies of all required forms and documents:. Payments that students receive for non-employment activities, such as scholarships, fellowships, traineeships, or services as an independent contractor, are not subject to the FICA tax because the payments are not compensation for services as an employee.

The form should indicate that the individual will be receiving a salaried appointment. The form must be completed before. That office will enter the PR information into the Windstar database. Such courses include:. Questions regarding appropriate credentials for specific academic courses should be directed to the Chair of the academic department relevant to the course subject matter.

Fellowships, Scholarships and Post-Doctoral Opportunities

I had always been drawn to ongoing debates about rights versus responsibilities, which had been at the forefront of welfare reforms during my adolescence. In my final year I took a social policy module which introduced me to debates on how social policies reproduce and are reinforced by traditional gender roles and inequalities. I also met Professor Traute Meyer , who turned out to be and remains a fantastic mentor throughout my journey from undergraduate to postdoc.

Job opportunities for graduate postdoctoral students. of your completed degree requirements must be provided on or before the start date. In addition to our flagship undergraduate program in The Grainger College of Engineering, which.

NCBI Bookshelf. Because postdoctoral positions seldom require administrative or teaching duties, they provide unique opportunity for researchers to demonstrate originality, creativity, and productivity that will be primary contributors to their future success in research. In particular, postdocs have the opportunity to produce the lead or single author publications by whose quantity and quality they will be judged as they compete for their next professional position.

Responsibility for the postdoctoral experience is shared among the postdoc, adviser, institution, funding organization, and disciplinary societies. This chapter examines the rights, opportunities, and responsibilities of the postdoc, and the importance of postdoctoral activities in shaping a career. When an adviser and institution accept a postdoc, that postdoc rightfully expects an experience that provides good training, education, and career enhancement. The appointment involves full-time research or scholarship.

The appointee is expected to publish and receive credit for the results of research or other activities performed during the period of the appointment. However, in some disciplines, such as mathematics, the postdoctoral experience commonly includes a major teaching element.

Postdoctoral Positions

The University of Queensland is offering a new postdoctoral position in cosmology. We are excited to offer a new postdoctoral position in cosmology. This position is for three years with a possible extension to five, and can be offered at entry level or higher level depending on experience. This role focuses on understanding dark energy and dark matter using next generation data sets.

The award competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as individuals in postdoctoral positions who are senior author on an APA.

Skip to main content. This is a full-time position for 2 years. The anticipated start date is in July prior to the beginning of the semester in August Qualifications: PhD in Cultural Studies, Media and Communications Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, or closely related discipline by date of appointment; evidence of successful teaching. Context: Established in , the Department of Communications and New Media is a leader in communication and new media research and education.

It offers undergraduate, honours and PhD programmes in communications and new media studies, with an innovative curriculum that introduces students to key debates in the areas of media studies, communication management, interactive media design and cultural studies. Its curriculum provides students with practical skills in social media management, user interface design, and digital marketing. Its students undertake industry immersion through its compulsory internship programme.

It has research concentrations in media psychology, health communication and cultural studies. Successful candidates for these positions will join an engaging community of 32 full-time faculty, 12 part-time instructors, and undergraduate and graduate students. Singapore is a modern, English-speaking city state that is connected to the world via global commerce, finance and transport networks with a stable climate year round and a cosmopolitan mix of cultures and languages.

Div. 20 Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Awards

Basic, clinical, translational and epidemiological or health services research approaches are encouraged. All application documents provided are to be used as reference only. Award Term: Up to 3 years Description: These awards support basic research with novel and innovative hypotheses in any area relevant to the etiology or pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications that holds significant promise for advancing the prevention, cure or treatment of diabetes.

Applications proposing high-risk projects with the potential for high-impact results are encouraged, as are studies that may not be sufficiently developed for traditional funding sources. Application Materials for reference only :.

Relationships with undergraduate students: All faculty, academic or romantic relationship with a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar if.

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